Ingredients:  Oreos Cream Cheese Butter Chocolate Heavy Cream   Directions:  Separate the filling from the cookies as best as you can. Add the filling from the Oreo, cream cheese, and butter in a medium bowl. Beat until creamy and completely combined. Put the Oreo cookies in a bag and crush […]

Oreo Balls

Ingredients: 4 Eggs Milk Vanilla Extract Salt Flour   Directions: Combine eggs, milk, vanilla, and salt with an electric mixer. Gradually add in 3 cups of flour. Add a little vegetable oil to the pan and let it heat up. Then add 1-2 scoops of the batter to the pan […]


Ingredients: Coconut Milk Zucchini Bell Peppers Carrots Chicken Breasts Red Pepper Flakes Red Curry Paste Salt & Pepper Cornstarch Rice Lemon or Lime Juice ( optional )   Directions: Cut up chicken breasts and brown with a drizzle of olive oil. While browning chop up the veggies to desired size. […]

Red Curry

Ingredients: Ladyfingers Coffee Frozen Fruit Fresh fruit Sugar Whipping Cream Boiling Water   Directions: First you cut up the fresh fruit with the knife. Put in the fridge. Get the large bowl, the beater,and whipping cream. Put the whipping cream into the large bowl. Beat with the beater until it […]